Thursday: The Sky Above—Where Earth Meets Space

During Solar Week you can submit questions to scientists and they will answer on the MESSAGE BOARD.

Teacher/Group Leader Information:The Sky Above—Earth's Upper Atmosphere

Solar Week always devotes a day -- and online discussion time -- to a special solar-related theme. This time, it’s Earth's upper atmosphere, which includes the ionosphere and the breathtaking phenomenon known as the aurora (or Northern Lights).

Learn About the Ionosphere    |  Illuminating the Northern Lights (PBS QUEST)  

Live Webinar Today - Thurs. March 26th

In addition to our usual wonderful and knowledgeable solar scientists answering your questions about the Sun-Earth connection, we've invited an expert on the Sun to join us for a live webinar today!

Our live presenter will be: Dr. Claire Raftery of the National Solar Observatory:

Join us today at 2pm Eastern Time (1 pm Central/ 12 noon Mountain/ 11 AM Pacific)


Join via Zoom   or   Watch YouTube Live Stream

Cover of NY Times showing close-up of the Sun by the Inouye Telescope (DKIST) and this spring's LIVE webinar topic

Caramel Corn or the Sun: What is behind the best picture of the Sun we’ve ever taken!

The NSF’s Inouye Solar Telescope recently took the best image of the Sun’s surface that has ever been taken. This telescope is an engineering marvel, focusing enough energy to boil a pot of water in three seconds onto a spot the size of a quarter in order to bring us the most detailed pictures of our local star. We’ll look at how the telescope works, and some of its science goals, as well as dissecting just what the new images are showing us.


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