Friday: Solar Careers

Remember, during Solar Week your group or class can submit a couple of your best questions to the scientists and they will answer on the bulletin board. Click on "Ask a Question" in the left-hand menu.

Educator/Group Leader Information: Solar Careers and Youth Opportunities

We have added a new section called Youth Opportunities. This will list some internships and other opportunities for young people. Solar Week scientists have said that one way to increase your chances of becoming a space scientists is to involve yourself in internships and other opportunities as a young person.

Unlike most of the topics of this week, today's other activities center around the students' interaction with the scientists. This is a unique opportunity for your students to get to talk to a woman scientist about what it takes and what it is like to be a female scientist in a predominantly male environment.

In place of activities and games we have provided links to a number of web-sites which provide a wealth of information on the role women have played in the sciences (emphasis on astronomy) and the role they CAN play in science today.

To continue, please use the links:
Youth Opportunities, Learn About Solar Careers, Play the Game, Women in Science.


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